10 tips on portraits

You need to focus on the eyes, let the person feel what the other one is. Pose on your subject. Pay attention to the colors. Find a good location on where to take it. Know how to use the aperture. pick the right lens. Compose the shots. Capture expressions. Ensure that subject is well lit. […]

White balance

Many cameras have their own way of adjusting white balance. Many digital cameras have automatic and semi-automatic modes to help you make the adjustments. Auto allows the camera make a best guess on a shot by shot bases. Tungsten is the mode that usually symbolized with a little bulb and is for shooting indoors. Fluorescent […]


The camera mode is on manual because I wanted to determine the exposure, shutter speed on the camera. I think I have a somewhat strong composition I edited my pictures okay, I could have done better If the modes were better. I would change the modes I would take a picture of something else and […]